MIKAEL APPLEGREN (Swedish national team goalkeper, Rhein-Neckar Lowen) “The training for handball goalkeepers that Marko Markiš has developed is a good mixture between classic, basic exercises and brand new thinking features. It is very interesting in his evolution of the handball goalkeeping”. Mikael Applegren PER JOHANSSON (Won a silver medal on EURO 2010 for women with swedish national team as a head coach, TV expert commentator) “Marko has an impressive passion, precision and driving force to create good conditions for goalies to develop. He is an expert in both working with the whole picture and with the small vital details both physically and mentally”. Per Johansson Marko Markis FILIP IVIC (Croatian national team goalkeeper, Tauron Kielce) “Cooperation with Marko Markiš helped me a lot in my career, his knowledge and effort is recognizable on each training. His focus is on motorical and functional abilitys and on his training i developed my mental skills”. Filip Ivic Marko Markis PRIMOZ PROST (Slovenian national team goalkeeper, Frisch Auf Goppingen) “Something all handball goalkeepers will be excited about! Can’t wait to try it myself”. Primoz Prost Marko Markis

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