Info handball goalkeeper training

Slide We are certified company dedicated to devolop new level of handball goalkeeping. Our mission is to inspire goalkeepers and coaches in their work, showing them the right way how to become better. We decided to unite our knowledge and experience into our company and share with you. Knowledge is power!

Slide Marko Markis CREATOR AND OWNER OF HANDBALL GK TRAINING Cooperated with 12 national team goalkeepers from Croatia, Slovenia and Sweden. Creator of 2 new researches (delay in reaction time and electromyography). First time ever that somebody applied this kind of top end technology for handball goalkeepers. Regular lecturer for Swedish national federation, Croatian handball camp etc. info handball goalkeeper training

Slide Info handball goalkeeper traning FILIP IVIC DEMONSTRATOR OF EXERCISES, CROATIAN NATIONAL TEAM GOALKEEPER, CLUB VIVE TAURON KIELCE Top 5 goalkeeper of EHF CL in season 2014/15. Winner of bronze medal on World championship in Spain 2013.

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